About Us

Started by an Engineer with experience abroad for almost 20 years, Scaffolding blossomed into a construction supply company serving the need for construction materials in Batangas and the whole CALABARZON region.

It is known in Batangas City as a good supplier of quality construction materials at a fair price.

Sooner the owner saw the need for metal and steel fabrication, and they underwent training for the building of frames and scaffolding. A new shop dedicated to fabrication was put up in Diversion Road, Batangas City. Just like with the construction supply, they made sure that the scaffolding will be of standard quality.

Now Scaffolding sells and rents scaffolding (parts or whole) to the greater CALABARZON area, and even gets customers from MANILA and other parts of Luzon.

Trust us with your scaffolding needs. You won’t be disappointed.